Centria University of Applied Sciences test network

Centria’s test network environment offers a real platform developed over time using commercial base stations and network management systems. Centria provides a state-of-the-art expertise and test platform for research, trials and demonstrations for all partners. Current test network offers abilities for following technologies.

  • TDD-LTE operating at band 40 and 42 for both outdoor and indoor coverage
    • Band 40 (2300 MHz) has 40MHz channel and covers both Centria indoor, campus area and Ylivieska city centre and vicinity.
      • Band 40 constitutes of three sites two higher towers, campus indoor, and rooftop mast hosting pico cells, small cells and macro cells and one massive MIMO system (11 eNB’s in all).
    • Band 42 (3500 MHz) has 60 MHz channel and covers both Centria Campus indoor and Campus outdoor coverage.
      • Band 42 constitutes mainly indoor small cells and macro cell (3 eNB’s)
    • Upcoming 5G test network
      • Utilizes band n78 with 60 MHz channel outdoor test network close to Centria Campus for example for outdoor to indoor penetration pathloss measuring to mention one case.
      • Implementation plan of first 5G Non-Standalone during 2019 and later 5G Standalone during 2020


Marjo Heikkilä,
Centria Univercity of Applied Sciences,
marjo.heikkila (at) centria.fi,
+358 44 4492507