Tampere University wireless test networks (Hervanta)

Tampere University has several test networks available for research, teaching and developing purposes. The current configuration provides the ability to test the following technologies:

  • FDD-LTE operating at band 1, 7, and 28 for mostly indoor coverage (Tietotalo)
    • Band 1 (2100 MHz) has 5 MHz channel and covers large part of Tietotalo
    • Band 7 (2600 MHz) is utilized for pico cells together with WiFi access points to form a multi radio access technology test network
    • Band 28 (700 MHz) has also 5 MHz channel, but is utilized for providing NB-IoT test network within one part of Tietotalo
  • TDD-LTE operating at band 38 to provide campus wide outdoor test network
    • Band 38 (2600 MHz) has 10 MHz channel and is part of Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC) system.
  • 5G test network
    • Utilizes band n78 with 60 MHz channel to form an outdoor test network that covers an autonomous vehicle testing area located close by to the university campus.
    • Currently utilizes non-stand alone (NSA) 5G, but will be updated to stand-alone (SA) 5G in the future when available.
  • LoRa
    • Digita’s LoRaWAN test network, utilizes ISM band at 868 MHz.


Mikko Valkama,
Tampere University,
mikko.valkama (at) tuni.fi,
+358 40 8490756