5G-FORCE is a research project led by a team of 5G multidisciplinary experts that provide a platform including cutting edge technologies on 5G radio, networking, machine Learning and security to facilitate experiment of verticals. The Consortium is led by Nokia and Aalto University in cooperation with Ericsson, Tieto, F-Secure in perfect blend with SMEs such as Wirepass, Esju and major research and academic institutions from FINLAND such as VTT, University Helsinki, Tampere University, Turku Univ. Applied Sciences, University Oulu and Centria. 5G-FORCE is working in tight cooperation with major Finnish operators Elisa, Telia, DNA and regulator Traficom.

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5G-FORCE website


Jose Costa-Requena,
Aalto University,
jose.costa (at) aalto.fi,
+358 50 5770142