5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband Access Networks in Crowded Environments (5G-Enhance) is a Horizon 2020 joint project composed of Europe research team (VTT, FHG, UOULU and Accelleran) and Japan research team (TUAT, NICT, UEC, CATV, JCTA and RWJ). 5G-Enhance intends to develop and execute large scale trial activities on actual testbed in EU and Japan.

5G-Enhance aims at defining and evaluating interoperable 5G eMBB and efficient network solutions in dense area. Trial requirements, design and execution plan in Europe and Japan demonstrations using the 5G network are necessary for achieving the 5G KPIs of the two applications. The project expects to establish long-term research collaboration between leading industry players, top research institutes and universities in Europe and Japan.

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5G-ENHANCE website


Haesik Kim,
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd,
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