5th Evolution Take of Wireless Communication Networks (TAKE-5) targets the creation of a multidisciplinary and open research platform for investigation and experimental evaluation of innovative ideas in networking and services of 5G. TAKE-5 will use and enhance existing research networks developed in different projects, and integrate them into a common shared testbed for testing and validation of 5G network functions.

TAKE-5 will act as an industry agnostic framework to harmonize and integrate contributions from both mobile manufacturers and operators. The goal is to focus in setting a nationwide pilot where different partners will leverage on a working framework for integrating and testing the results of their innovation and development without compromising their IPR. TAKE-5 is established by a set of core partners, but it will remain open to newcomers with new ideas, solutions, and business concepts that are made possible by 5G.

TAKE-5 will facilitate both national and international partners to contribute to the pilot either with own components, applications, or use cases to be demonstrated using TAKE-5 as the platform. The TAKE-5 objective is to set a fair playground to boost the competences in 5G and promote the development of 5G mobile networks in all the aspects from radio, networking, and cloud technologies. TAKE-5 intends to integrate two competence areas from Oulu and Espoo designing and delivering respective testbeds, i.e. the first one focused on the radio while the second one focused on the networking and cloud technologies.

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